Monday, June 15, 2009

We Get Letters: (Hate) E-Mail Bag:"Three cheers for von Brunn"

Dear Prof. Levin:
I think that we should have Hate Crimes legislation passed so that no one will be able to criticize Jews, Israeli actions or Zionists, don't you?

you are so passionate about "hate" and "Holocaust denial" that it's OK to demonize anyone with the temerity to communicate these thoughts...just greasing the skids to curtail free speech in these areas, just these areas, .......for now........
you know what's best for us, yeah, I get it, you still play the semi -Voltaire card,..."to punish him on the basis of his ideas is fundamentally flawed",.. for now....if ones thoughts can be justification for an increased penalty for crimes, its not long till the thought itself is a crime

I read your rant of an editorial on a co-incidence that the two "haters" you cited in your editorial who committed murders had Polish and German surnames.You and your cabal are fighting the Nazis 65 years ex post facto.
Agitators like you will exploit every criminal act you possibly can to advance your evil agenda.Expect opposition.And it won't be just from Prof.Kevin MacDonald.
You think you study "hate"? You're full of it.

Why is it that Jews always preach "tolerance and diversity" yet never seem to practice it themselves? Why is it that Jews tend to marry within Jewry, and disown those who don't adhere to their doctrines of Jewish racial purity? Why is it considered a deep shame if Jews are forced to live near "schwartzers" due to financial circumstances? Jews are some of the most intolerant and racist people I have ever encountered, after all aren't all non-Jews considered "Goyim" and not much better than animals? The plan is clear : dilute the races, while maintaining Jewish genetic homogeneity. You think we're all stupid and don't know what's going on, but some of us do. Americans are slowly waking up to the fact that Jews are in control of this country, and have no loyatly to anything other than their fellow Jews and Israel. The truth is the truth. And before you attempt to smear me as a "White supremacist" whatever that means, know that I'm 100% Puerto Rican. I just won't fall for the bullshit that the "Chosen Ones" put forth.

From the UK:
the holocaust is a jew lie.Ann frank is a jew lie Three cheers for von Brunn


  1. Damn. Brian! Get one of your students to install the FaceBook widget, okay?

  2. You know, it really bothers me when people generalize and stereotype any social group based on their own personal paranoia and maybe some actions of one or two people that fall into that group. I dated a Jewish girl for nearly two years and neither she nor her family seemed to have a problem with the fact that I was African-American and an atheist. Sure, they were wary of me, but no more so than any other parents of a teenage girl would be of her boyfriend. I spent hours on end at their house, watching TV with them, eating dinner with them and getting to know them. There was no racial intolerance. There was no plan to force everyone to wear yarmulkes or to change the national language to Hebrew. I mean, for them, Judaism was really more a way to stay in touch with their own cultural heritage than it was a spiritual thing like Christianity is for most people. It just amazes me when people try to justify their own bigotry by saying that they're the ones being oppressed in the first place.