Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday News: Leb. Election; Rabbi, Bombing Verdict, US Journos, Austr. Hate

Pro West Victory in Lebanon Confirmed
Beirut-Daily Star:
Lebanon CIA Factbook:
4 Militants Killed During "Horse Bomb" Attack Attempt at Gaza/Israel Border
Oy Yay-Mazel Tov!: 1st Af-Am Female Rabbi In US
4 Real IRA Defts. Found Liable for '98 Omagh Bombing That Killed 29
2 US Journos Get 12 Year Sentence By N. Korea
Hate Crime Alleged Against Indians In Austraila
San Diego Assault During Gay Pride Rally
KS Dr. Killer Was Obsessed: Roomate
Fmr. Ores. Carter To Visit Israel, Gaza
Playboy Under Fire:
Two US Hate Cases Put Spotlight on Free Speech:
Impt. Speeches: Pres. D Day, Buchenwald (Pres. & Weisel), Cairo
Obama Cairo:

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