Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6 Remembrance: D DAY, Robert F. Kennedy

DDAY: In the course of history there are certain inflection points, where the balance between good and evil becomes decidedly tipped.  June 6, 1944 was one such day. It was the largest one day military assault of its kind and  took place across dozens of miles of jagged coast of Normandy, France. 160,000 Allied and 73,000 American troops and  over 11,000 aircraft took on heavily fortified Nazi positions in pitched battles resulting in 2500 Allied casualties. President Obama joined European leaders in honoring and remembering those who sacrificed to defeat the evils of Nazism.
Robert Kennedy: On June 6, 1968 Sen. Robert Kennedy died from wounds suffered the previous evening at the hands of convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan at the Ambassador hotelin Los Angeles after winning the California primary in his quest for the presidency. One of the most beloved leaders of his time, Robert Kennedy was known for his eloquence and his deep commitment to civil rights and peace. 
RFK Speech on MLK Assassination
Photos: US Army/ LBJ Library

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