Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Conservative Pac Director Is Hate Crime Offender

Team America and American Cause Executive Director Marcus Epstein has a criminal record for calling a woman a "nigger" and karate chopping her on the head in DC in 2007.Mr. Epstein has been an active political organizer in the anti-immigration movement, having served as speechwriter for fmr. congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo who formed Team America. Mr. Epstein was to depart from the PACs to attend UVa Law School, but the school has stated that he will not be studying there. Mr. Tancredo has been one of the most vocal opponents of current immigration laws and enforcement and recently labeled Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonya Sotomayor,  a "racist." This news comes on the heels of a recent investigation by the Southern Poverty Law Center that showed direct links between other prominent mainstream opponents of immigration and eugenics supporters
Court Docs
Team America Site: http://www.teamamericapac.org/
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