Monday, February 15, 2010

God Bless You, Lionel Ritchie & Quincy Jones! We Are The World At No. 1 (Video/Donate)
AG Holder on 9/11 Trials
Clinton: Iran Moving Toward Military Dictatorship
Black History Month: Slaves' Role In 19th Century White House Examined
US Skater Faces Threats Over Fur Outfit
Splinter Radicals Emerge in Gaza
MI Militia Answers Critics (Hat Tip, MM)
After Mosque Vandalism TN Muslims Spread Peace Message
Fed Court Upholds CA Hate Crime Conviction
MLK Assoc. Joseph Lowery Released From GA Hospital
Show Mocks Palin's Disabled Child
Analysis from Rutgers Univ. Lecture: Ibish On Arab Nations and Iran