Friday, December 25, 2009

Breaking: Nigerian Arrested for Attempted Bombing of US Bound Plane
President Obama's Christmas Message for American Troops
Pope Delivers Christmas Homily, OK After Being Knocked Down
Salvation Army Major Shot Dead in Front of Children in AR Robbery
Captured US GI in Taliban Video
Yemen Airstrike May Have Killed Ft. Hood's Cleric
President Carter's Olive Branch to Jews
Pakistan Weighs Charges Against 5 Young Americans
Hate Crimes A Priority For US DOJ
Not Guilty Pleas in PA Immigrant Killing
Director's Message:
To all our Christian friends around the world we hope for a joyous day, a wish for peace for our nation and the world, and an appreciation of all the charity done for others here and across the far-flung corners of the globe.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brutal PR Killing Being Charged As Hate Crime
Guilty Verdict in Anti-Semitic Killing
Hate Group Pickets in FL
VA Supremacist Trial
VA Defts Make Plea Deal
Conviction in Calif. Case
Levin HuffPost PA Hate Story

Statement from Brian Levin on behalf of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism:

The disturbing allegations of outrageous police misconduct and collusion to cover up the true facts in the horrific killing of Luis Ramirez require the federal authorities to do exactly what they did. When local authorities and outcomes are marred by the kind of wanton abuse allegedly exhibited in this case, the processes and institutions of American justice are undermined. The Justice Department's intervention to right this miscarriage of justice is a welcome and necessary sign that racial killings of immigrants, including undocumented ones, on our streets have no place in a civilized society. It shows that our government will fulfill its obligation to justly punish not only those who kill, but also those who blatantly abuse the public trust by harboring, enabling or covering up for them.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Italian PM Belusconi Attacked in Milan Today, Led Away Bleeding From Mouth

Annise Parker Becomes First Openly Gay Big City Mayor
Levin Commentary:
Center Director's Statement: "Annise Parker's victory shows us that America has accomplished people of good will from diverse communities who are able to make a positive difference, but only if we give them a fair hearing. All of us, not only our justifiably proud LGBT fellow citizens, but all those who recognize the importance of equal opportunity take pride in this wonderful victory. We wish her and the city she leads only the best."
Chicago Man's Involvement In Terror Plots Greater Than First Thought
Wash Post: Internet's Role in Radicalism
NAVY SEALS Face Court Martial For Roughing Up Killer Terror Suspect
Philippines Hostage Crisis Ends
UK Case Clears Couple o Hate Speech Offense
Canadian Tribunal Clears Pastor of Hate Speech Offense
Calif. PR Cos. Fight Gay Marriage
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Home Grown Extremists Create Concern Over Radicalization
American Al Q In New Video Denies Pakistan Bombings
Al Q Coordinator Reportedly Killed
Lesbian May Become Houston's Next Mayor
Levin HuffPo Commentary: Anti-Gay Bias Over Election
CA Names 1st Gay Assembly Speaker
Fmr. UK PM: Sadam War Justified Even With No WMD
Jewish Extremists Vandalize West Bank Mosque Over Settlement Limits
Arsonists Target Bronx Church
MN Authorities May Charge Anti-Muslim Flyers Under Obscenity Law
LAT: AZ Sheriff Goes After Political Foes
Arrest in Brutal TX Attack, Hate Crime Not Yet Established
FL Hate Crime
Pres. Obama Nobel Acceptance Speech Text
Jewish Scholar Passes