Thursday, July 2, 2009

US Soldier Held Hostage in Afghanistan
Demjanjuk Cleared for WWII War Crimes Trial
Todd Palin's Seccessionist Group Caused Riff in Campaign
Civil Rights Pioneer Needs Funds for DC Mtg. With AG
CA:"Rising Star" Gay Sailor's Death Probed
NYPD: Anti-Gay Attacks May Be Linked
San Diego Gay Attacks Prompt Rally
Homophobia a Problem in Nor Cal
Anti-Latino Hate Crime in NY
Latinos Target Black Brothers With Pipes in San Diego County
Idaho Hate Crime Drops 21% in '08, 30 Incidents, 38 in '07
Property Crime, 11, Assault, 9, Intim., 6, Aggrav. Assault 2
Naval Academy Controversy Over Diversity
Hate on the Rise
Center Board Member: Why I teach about hate crime
Iran's Reputation Damaged in Diplomatic World

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