Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Judge Sotomayor Passes Senate Judiciary Committee, 13-6, Mostly Along Party Line
NC Terror Suspects In Press Focus on Homegrown Salafists
Explosives Hurled at Gay Sporting Event in Denmark
VA Web Hater's Life on Fringe
Lawyer: Extremist Web Talker Was Informant
N. Idaho Makes Progress
David Duke Faces Prosecution on Holocaust Denial In Prague (Hat Tip, MM)
David Irving Minimizes Holocaust Deaths at AZ Lecture (Hat Tip, MM)
Alleged Hate Attacker to WA Victim: "Annihilate the Little Cockroaches"
Collin Powell Speaks on Race, Skip Gates
Abortion Doc Killer Trial
FL Gov. Letter Mistakenly Praises Bigoted DVD
IPT: Group Promotes Religious Bigotry
NYPD Terrorism News
Bloodless CA Bullfight Results in Melee
Commentary: And the Award for Meanest Inaccurate OpEd...:

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