Thursday, July 2, 2009

CA: Gay Black Sailor Killed In Possible Hate Murder

Census: Cities Grow, New Orleans Fastest, NYC Largest
New June Unemployment:9.5% Highest Since Aug. 1983 Adult Men10.0%, adult women (7.6 %), teens (24.0%), whites (8.7 %) blacks (14.7 %), Hispanics (12.2%), Asians 8.2%
NH Prosecutor: Tax Protestors Booby Trapped House
Anti-Illegal Immigration Movement Split Over Killings
LA: Secret Settlement in Jena 6 Case Reported (Hat Tip, MM)
CA Militia Not Patrolling in Place of Laid Off Police
Panel: Boot Gay Nat'l Guard Arabic Translator, West Pt. Grad
NYPD: Urban Counter Terror Report Released
Half Year Report: Extremist Activity

United States Extremist Criminal Incidents: 2009

Brockton, MA Jan. 21; White Supremacist Keith Luke 22, allegedly kills two, rapes, one, and shoots another while en route to a synagogue to kill Jews.

Camp Lejeune, NC Feb. 25 Kody Ray Brittingham, a former marine, is indicted for threatening the life of President Obama, shortly after his election.

Miramar Bch., FL Feb. 26 Dannie Baker, 60, a man known for racist ramblings, allegedly shoots 5, and kills two Chilean immigrants

Washington, DC Apr. The FBI adds alleged animal liberation bomber Daniel Andreas San Diego to its "Most Wanted Terrorist List"

Pittsburgh, PA Apr. 5, Neo-Nazi Richard Popalawski, 22, agitated over the belief that President Obama would ban guns, kills three police officers during a domestic violence call.

Fort Walton, FL Apr. 25, Army reservist Joshua Cartwright, 21, who believed there was a government conspiracy against him allegedly kills two Okaloosa County Sherff’s Deputies following a domestic dispute

Middletown, CT May 6, Stephen Morgan, 29, who wrote of killing Jews, allegedly killed a Jewish Wesleyan student with whom he was obsessed.

New York, NY May 20, Four Muslim converts are arrested on federal charges relating to a plot to bomb Jewish and military targets.

Pima County, AZ May 30 Leaders of the Minuteman American Defense group allegedly kill a 29 year old suspected drug dealer and his nine year old daughter in an attempt to steal drugs and money to finance their civilian border patrol group.

Witchita, KS May 31, Dr, George Tiller, is allegedly killed by Freemen movement adherent Scott Roeder, 51.

Little Rock, Ark, Jun. 1, Abdulhakid Mujahid Mohammed, 23, a Muslim convert shot two soldiers, killing one outside a recruiting office

Washington, DC Jun. 10, Holocaust denier James von Brunn, 88, allegedly kills a special police officer at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Phoenix, AZ Jun 16 Neo-Nazi brothers Dennis and Daniel Mahon are indicted by a federal grand jury in Phoenix in connection with the 2004 bombing of a Scottsdale city diversity office.

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