Monday, July 13, 2009

Wash Blade: Hate Crime Senate Amendment Imminent
Sen. Leahy Full Statement:
NYT: CIA Pondered Hit Teams
Liberia War Crime
Neo-Nazis in Military: SPLC
Nazi Guard Charged
Most Wanted Nazis

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  1. Racist British, Canadian and to some extent US police are using wall see through technologies and audio listening-in devices in connivance with neighbors to dehumanizingly harass Asians in their homes wailing sirens from outside each time Asians make any living body movements in their own or rented homes, waking, sleeping, going to toilet, eating, praying, etc, for women. British and Canadian police are abusing their uniforms harassing Asian women and men, young and old. Anti-christ police in colonialist, capitalist countries - public servants in uniforms surviving on public tax payers money- committing the serious crime of privacy theft through illegal use of audio and wall-see-through devices and hacking of online internet and email and landline and cell phones and theft of offline computer hard-drives using EMR/TEMPEST and keylogger technologies from neighborhood and cars outside to illegally infiltrate into private offline personal computers hard drives in peoples homes. The sole purpose of these vampires seems to be to intimidate, harass, disturb, and provoke Asians who refuse to tolerate this illegal nonsense. Abusing and disrespecting privacy is a heinous crime. Volunteers please circulate this info widely to assure a society of justice. If this can happen to Asians today, police abuse of power can spread to other sections of society, as is already happening.,6903,811027,00.html
    Soft tempest: Hidden data transmission using electromagnetic emanations (EMR)