Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update: House Hate Crime Act Passes With DOD Bill 281-146, Senate Next
Our colleague ADL/LCCR top policy expert Michael Lieberman informs
us from DC that the hate crime law is proceeding with the defense auth.
bill (see p. 1473) and is now titled as The James Byrd/Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Prevention Act passed the House this afternoon. Some more strict procedural requirements appear to have been retained. The Center wants to thank him for the years of assistance he has given to our Center regarding this bill and other matters.
NYT: First Lady's Family Goes Back To Slavery
Writer About European Oppression Wins Nobel in Literature
Mugger of 101 Woman Convicted of Hate Crime
Aryan Arrested in LA (Hat Tip, MM)
County Supervisors Approve Immigration Plan for AZ Sherrif
Center Director Profiled in Alternative Press

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