Thursday, October 22, 2009

Breaking: Senate Approves Sweeping Change to Fed Hate Law Thursday By 2/3 Margin
Victim in W Va Hate Torture Case Says It Was a Lie
Ecuadorean Immigrant Hospitalized After Attack, Family Destitute
PA Latino Hate Crime Examined By CNN, Ctr, Bd Mbrs. Quoted
BBC Under Fire for Inviting Far Right BNP Pol
No Hate Charges in Okla. Anti-Gay Attacks: Gays Not Covered
Iran Agrees to Draft Nuke Deal
Holocaust Denier Denied By American Express: Priceless
Dutch Islamophobe Speaks at Columbia U. In NYC
AZ Sheriff Headache for McCain
MA Alleged Terror Plotter in Court
NJ Airport Guard Arrested for Prez Threat
Fed 4th Circ. Court Upholds Incarceration for Internet Hater
Nazi Alleged Guard Killer Won't Come to Court
OC Nazi Faces Death Penalty
Free Exchange of Ideas?: Prof. Calls Hate Crime Law Opponents: Hateful

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