Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Commentary: Extremists On All Sides
Center Director Discusses Expanding Hate Crime Law With French TV

Secret Service Mission Examined As Threats Rose
LA Justice of Peace Talks About Opposition to Inter-Racial Marriage
Afghanistan To Get New Elections
More Blasts Hit Pakistan Univ. As Offensive Intensifies
Iran Delays on Nuke Issue, 42 Dead From Sunday Bomb Attack
Nations Split on Israel War Crime Report
US Appeals Court Upholds Law Against Animal Liberation Advocates
UCLA Places Pro-Animal Research Ad
Deceased MS Senators Possible Klan Bias Probed
Is Al Q Having Money Problems
KKK To March in MS
Oathkeepers Ratchet Up Rhetoric
CA White Supremacist Gets 21 Yrs. for Killing
PA Neo-Nazis March for Lief Erikson Day
AZ Charges Stick Against 2 White Supremacists
Homophobes March in SD
Swastika on Synagogue: Not a Hate Crime
Obesity As A Hate Crime?
Alleged OK Hate Crime
"Illegal Alien" Costume Criticized By Some

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