Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Large Swastika & "Obama" Carved in Grass in MA
Gay NYC Man Beaten into a Coma
CA Gov. Signs Harvey Milk & Gay Marriage Bills
Islamophobe Allowed to Speak in UK
Judge Fines Birther Orly Taitz 20K: "Borders on Delusional"
CAIR's Nazi/Anti-Semitism Quandry: Condemns Some Haters But Invited Others to Speak
Bizarre: CAIR Rep Munira Syeda: Won't Repudiate Previous CAIR Speakers Who Worked for Holocaust Museum Shooter's Old Hate Org or Convert Who Says Jews Did 9/11 and Hate Bill is Zionist Jew Plot
William Baker
Abdel Malik Ali
See: Part 3, At 7 minutes Through Part 4 Hate Act is a Plot, Criminalize Criticizing Holocaust, Jews
Liars, Zionist Jew Owns Foxnews 1:06
What Do We Do, Might Be Another 9/11, Because They're The One's That Did It Anyway 3:30
OpEd: Don't Abide Hate
House Republican Explains Opp to Hate Bill
NYC Homeless at All Time High
UN Goldstone Report Controversy
FBI, Police Try to Garner Support from US Muslims
LA Hate Crime Conviction
ATFP Hosts DC Gala This Week

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