Friday, May 8, 2009

UC Irvine Now a Home of Sorts to One of Nation's Worst Bigoted Conspiracists

A firey conspiracy theorist and former Nation of Islam activist  known for spinning wild anti-Semitic tirades amidst calls for suicide bombings abroad and the total destruction of the United States government has found a home of sorts at one of California's top public universities at the invitation of its Muslim Student Union. Abdel Malik Ali, who has garnered condemnation from seemingly everyone except local Muslim advocacy groups and the university chancellor is to speak, yet again, this school year at a May 14 event at one of his most frequent stomping grounds, the University of California, Irvine. Ali who sometimes  gives multiple speeches in a single trimester there has spoken up and down the state for years at the invitation of student groups. Like other former  MSU invitees such as his former as Sabiquin movement partner, the just banned from Britain, Imam Musa ( “it was your government blowing up people blaming it on us”) , and Mohammad al-Asi,  Ali (who said at UCI that he has no idea about the number of Holocaust deaths) blames folks like Jews and the US government for orchestrating the 9/11 attacks He told a UCI audience: “It’s a new day, people are speaking out against us, what do we do? Might be another 9/11. You know what I’m saying because they’re [Zionists or their supporters] the ones who did it anyway.”
Facts never get in the way of Ali's venom. A complicit Zionist Jew controlled media conceals the real truth about the US and Israel, he maintains; "
Liars, Straight up liars, Rupert Murdoch Zionist Jew, Zionist Jew own Fox News." Rupert Murdoch is Protestant. Ali, like David Duke says that the Mohammad cartoon controversey was orchestrated by "Jewish" journo Fleming Rose, who is actually not Jewish. These Jews then lie in their reporting of bus and other bombings in Israel  he told a UCI audience, using the May 7, 2002 bombing of a pool hall arcade as a prime example. Contrary to American media reports the "freedom fighters" there actually killed  "Israeli defense force soldiers on R&R" .The referenced attack actually killed 15 people, a majority of whom were women, and 11 people who were over 50 years old. The occupations of the four murdered aged 26-49 were accountant, plummer, coffee shop clerk, and the owner of a maid service. When confronted later, he said his mistake didn't matter because all adult civilians were proper targets anywhere in Israel. Last November at UCI he maintained that convicted Atlanta serial killer Wayne Williams was sent to prison so that whites could go free and that the government orchestrated the killing of Malcolm X in 1965 by Nation of Islam rivals. He also warned that the historic election of President Obama was a "fitna" deception and then named aides that were "Zionist". Ali's lecture next week is a significant disappointment, and possible embarrasment to many involved in a fledgling, yet sincere, interfaith dialogue and Palestinian-Israeli peace effort in Southern California. Later this month, UCI's Olive Tree Iniative, which involved Jewish and Muslim Students, including some from the MSU is set to be honored at a local human relations
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