Saturday, May 16, 2009

Longtime KKK PA Leader Roy Frankhouser Dead At 69, Body Unclaimed

Roy Frankhouser, 69,  a neo-Nazi who led a state chapter for UKA, and who was involved in hate groups for his entire adult life died outside of Reading on May 15 in a nursing house. In 2000 he settled a HUD case with civil rights advocate Bonnie Jouhari to run public service spots against hate on his Klan related cable television show. In and out of court and prison during most of his life, he allied himself with some of the most notorious and oddball haters of his era such as Lyndon LaRouche, George Lincoln Rockwell and Jewish American Nazi leader Dan Burros, who committed suicide in his home when his lineage was reported in the press. Center Director Brian Levin, longtime attorney for Jouhari,  who confronted him in 1998, said "I pray he finds the empathy for people in death, that had eluded him in life and made for a lonely and sad existence."

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