Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thousands Rally Against Anti-Gay Hate in PR Over Murder of Gay Teen

Our Photos from U. Cal., Riverside
Vigil: Human Rts. Alliance

"Violent Homophobia threatens
families, LGBT people don't"

Before Rosa Parks, There Was 15 Yr. Old Claudette Colvin
Clock Ticks on Cold Case Civil Rights Era Murders:Info Sought
21 More Arrested for Black on White & Latino Racial Robberies
Defending Against "Terrorism," 2 Arrested for Brutal Assault
Mosque Arsonists Get 14 Years
How Big Is UK's Hate Crime Rise
Gay Honor Killing By Father in Turkey Stirs Emotion
2008 FBI Hate Crime Numbers
Black Hate Group To Protest Racism in TX
Canadian Neo-Nazis Pipe Bombs Explode
Kick A Jew Day in FL School
CA Nazi Gets HIs Death Wish
Man Charged in Killing of 56 in Phillippines Political Slaughter
Indian Americans in Spotlight After State Dinner
Significant Security Breach As Couple Crashes WH Event
Expanding Racial Divide in President's Approval Rating

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