Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gay Teenager Murdered, Burned & Decapitated In Puerto Rico
AG Holder Goes Before Senate on Terror Trials
Child Orphaned in Mumbai Massacre Has 3rd B'Day in Israel
Academics Study Why We Hate
Woman Tries To Remove Muslim Woman's Headscarf
Possible Calgary Hate Crime
PA Hate Crime Law Passes Legislative Hurdle
Indictment in NY State Latino Hate Attack
Russian Hate Crime Activist Shot Dead
Chicago Terror Arrests Linked to Pakistan
European Hate Crimes High, Reporting Low
Judge Orders Eco Terrorist College Student to 18 More Months
6 Years for Sears Tower Plot
ADL Report Examines Anti-Gov Conspiracies
Pioneering Gay Newspaper Closes in DC
Protest Against Hate Laws At Justice Dept.

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