Thursday, August 13, 2009

Focus on Homelessness

Another State: NY Assemblyman Lancman Intros Hate Legislation Covering Homeless

August 12, 2009

Assemblyman Lancman and Advocates for the Homeless Announce Legislation Designating Attacks on the Homeless as Hate Crimes




Assemblyman Rory Lancman (D-Queens) and leading members of New York's homeless advocacy community today announced the introduction of legislation which would designate attacks against the homeless as hate crimes. Similar legislation recently passed in Maryland and is under consideration in other states.

“Recent attacks on the homeless in New York State and around the country shock the conscience and must be met with a decisive response. The homeless are a truly vulnerable population and need the added security of protection under the hate crimes law,” said Assemblyman Lancman.

"This bill is an important protection for homeless people and an important statement that they are valued members of our society. It is also a step on the path towards recognizing that we all have an obligation to ensure that none of us is homeless,” said Piper Hoffman, Director of Advocacy at Partnership for the Homeless.

"We are very glad to support this important legislation", said the Rev. Elizabeth Maxwell, Associate Rector of Holy Apostles. "Many of the homeless people who eat here at the soup kitchen tell stories of being victimized- often violently- simply because they are homeless. This legislation draws public attention to the hateful treatment that some of our most vulnerable neighbors and fellow citizens receive. I hope it will help to emphasize that homeless people still possess full civil rights, and that the crimes against them must stop."

"As the recent report by the National Coalition for the Homeless outlines in detail, we have an epidemic of violence against the homeless. This legislation is an important step towards putting an end to these acts of hate" said Patrick Markee, Senior Policy Analyst for the Coalition for the Homeless.

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