Sunday, December 13, 2009

Annise Parker Becomes First Openly Gay Big City Mayor
Levin Commentary:
Center Director's Statement: "Annise Parker's victory shows us that America has accomplished people of good will from diverse communities who are able to make a positive difference, but only if we give them a fair hearing. All of us, not only our justifiably proud LGBT fellow citizens, but all those who recognize the importance of equal opportunity take pride in this wonderful victory. We wish her and the city she leads only the best."
Chicago Man's Involvement In Terror Plots Greater Than First Thought
Wash Post: Internet's Role in Radicalism
NAVY SEALS Face Court Martial For Roughing Up Killer Terror Suspect
Philippines Hostage Crisis Ends
UK Case Clears Couple o Hate Speech Offense
Canadian Tribunal Clears Pastor of Hate Speech Offense
Calif. PR Cos. Fight Gay Marriage
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